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Adult content chat rooms

Customize your web filtering experience by ensuring what is on and off limits.

In addition to selecting categories, v Space Guardian has the ability to add URL’s that have yet not been classified to allow accessibility to important websites and block the unwanted ones.

Customize your control by restricting access to categories including gaming, adult content, emails, instant chat rooms, social media, gambling, streaming media, shopping, entertainment and much more. Create profiles per router to block social media and other potential productivity draining websites. The predefined policy categories are constantly updated with new websites.

Gain control over your network bandwidth usage by restricting the access to media downloading and streaming websites.

The license request process can be initiated through the installation wizard.

Family Cyber Alert is another app that's designed to block access to questionable Web sites and to monitor online activity.

v Space Guardian is a category-based web filtering service that allows you to monitor, control and centrally manage your internet experience.

With more than 70 pre-defined web categories to choose from, your web browsing experience is completely customizable to fit your needs.

Darren Simpson, 32, from Malton, targeted girls and boys for many years by using a false name and pretending to be a young teenager. He sent the youngsters lewd photos and videos, and persuaded one girl to watch him perform a sexual act on himself on a webcam.

They were not easily updatable as only MSN Communities staff members could update the one page that each "community" had. Around 1998–99, MSN created the home pages, which were real Web sites much like Tripod or Geo Cities.

These had no message boards or chat rooms attached.

Among the charges were 20 counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and ten counts of causing a child to watch a sex act.

Judge Paul Batty QC at York Crown Court described Simpson as “predatory in the extreme”.

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Windows Live Groups, a part of the Windows Live branding, was never marketed as, or intended to be a replacement for MSN groups.