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Cheap ideas for updating kitchen cabinets

Chandeliers and pendants are the perfect accessory to not only brighten your kitchen but change the mood of the space.Standard lights that come in most homes and rentals are uniform. And then also, we probably could do a little bit of cleaning and finishing these cabinets without changing the color, but just put maybe just a little bit of the gloss back on it that it once had. Danny Lipford: That countertop finish I was telling Stephanie about is from Giani. Maybe if you can start reaching on top of the fridge, because I can’t reach there. Stephanie Ward: Wow, that looks like a lot of work. You could have never painted before and you can do this. Stephanie Ward: Let me get my son to help us move some things. Stephanie Ward: Could you help us move some of these things off the counters? • Latex paints are extremely durable, even on high-traffic surfaces.It’s best to buy the 100 precent acrylic formulation.Replacing old worn out cabinet doors with new ones or sanding and refinishing your old ones will give your kitchen a sleek new look.Bring in glass or high-gloss doors for a dose of glam or forgo the doors in some areas and create open shelving to show off your nicest pieces.

Replace drawer and cabinet pulls for an new unique look that instantly updates your entire space., we’re pulling off a kitchen makeover on a miniscule budget. If you’re looking for a change you can make with spare change, stay tuned. It’s easy to talk to people about kitchen re-modeling because the kitchen is the center of family life in so many homes, but finding the budget for these renovations isn’t always so easy. Danny Lipford: Of course, it’s small, I guess you’re a little challenged on some of the storage? Mix it up and give the most used room in your house some personality or an unexpected element.Artwork is a great way to elevate any room and it will do the same in your kitchen.

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Ashley Fleming: We’ve got the primer, b lack roll-on primer.

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