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In parallel with updating

This version features some nice additions to the build tool but does also feature some substantial breaking changes.Upgrading is simple, but does require a few tweaks.Use the Parallel Loop pattern when you need to perform the same independent operation for each element of a collection or for a fixed number of iterations.The steps of a loop are independent if they don't write to memory locations or files that are read by other steps.Note: You need to upgrade the global package to use v4, but v3 will still work for each local project where needed.You will need to remove your current gulp global package before installing v4 in order to do an upgrade.This command removes your current global package and installs v4 from the gulp-cli 4.0 branch.Make sure you don't get any errors from the first command before you type the second.

To make the lock work at all, you need to use the same identifier for all locks.Gulp is a fantastic build tool for compiling your SCSS, Less and SVG sprites that we use at Liquid Light.For a while now, the gulp JS team have been working on Version 4.Remember that these changes are forwarded to the replica shards asynchronously, and there is no guarantee that they will arrive in the same order that they were sent.If Elasticsearch forwarded just the change, it is possible that changes would be applied in the wrong order, resulting in a corrupt document.

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