Optically stimulated luminescence dating

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Historians, for example, know that Shakespeare's play Henry V was not written before 1587 because Shakespeare's primary source for writing his play was the second edition of Raphael Holinshed's Chronicles, not published until 1587.

Thus, 1587 is the post quem dating of Shakespeare's play Henry V.

That means that the play was without fail written after (in Latin, post) 1587.

The same inductive mechanism is applied in archaeology, geology and paleontology, by many ways.

Mungo Man is the name given to the remains of the oldest anatomically modern human found in Australia to date and one of the oldest Homo sapien skeletons outside of Africa.

Initially dated at 60,000-years-old and with DNA from an extinct lineage that does not trace back to Africa’s ‘mitochondrial Eve’, the discovery of Mungo Man caused waves throughout the world and challenged the well-known Out of Africa theory.

Centuries of practical experience in working with paint and inks often had more influence on the decisions printers made, especially since most theories did not yield expected results when applied in real life.

Once the field of advertising grew into an industry in its own right, marketing surveys would also proved influential in making color choices.

This is not to say that we haven’t developed our own likes and dislikes or to deny that color can on occasion wow us; it is just that we don’t tend to think about color beyond our initial responses to it.The body was sprinkled with red ochre, in the earliest known example of such a sophisticated and artistic burial practice.This aspect of the discovery has been particularly significant to indigenous Australians, since it indicates that certain cultural traditions have existed on the Australian continent for much longer than previously thought.At the turn of the 20th century, when postcards were at the height of their popularity there was no shortage of ideas from where a printer could draw his palette from; the problem was that a number of competing theories and ideas were all in vogue at the same time.New insights were slow to spread and many fell on the deaf ears of those reluctant to give up their familiar ways and notions.

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The colors that found their way onto the surface of postcards might seem a simple matter of attempting to match them to reality or to express personal taste, but these decisions were largely made in relation to prevalent color theories of the day whether they were properly understood or not.