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Also, it’ll separate you from the men with whom she’s been on dates recently.Lastly, she will likely have fun — and you just might too. If you can hold your own in Scrabble, you'll impress her.The spaces on the board are named after cities from the New Testament and instead of building houses or hotels the object is to build a church.In Guesstures, a player draws four cards and each card has something she must act out.

If you think a great game needs to come in a box, think again! The games are here for your personal use and enjoyment only.

You will need to print multiple pages of the dollar page printable to ensure you have each of the following dollar amounts: Now, you are pretty much set to play!

You can either create your very own game pieces using pictures of you and your spouse, use game pieces from a game you already have, OR grab some here.

Often, the girls' games have more feminine themes to keep the girls' interest, but you can even have some of the games traditionally geared towards boys played by girls.

Chess can be played by anyone, boys and girls alike.

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Come up with a topic such as "books of the Bible" or "place in the New Testament," choose an answer and on a large chalkboard draw empty spaces for each letter.