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For enlisted personnel the senior badge was awarded upon attaining a "7 skill level" and the master badge as a Master Sergeant or above with five years in the specialty from award of the senior badge. Air Force Space Command Commander, General Lance Lord, USAF, announced the introduction of the new Air Force Space Badge (AFSB), which replaced the Air Force Space and Missile Badge. It is unknown if these changes will affect Army personnel who also earn this badge.The grades of the Air Force Space and Missile badge were denoted by a star (senior) and wreath (master or command) centered above the decoration. The Air Force Space and Missile Badge (AFSMB) was a military badge of the United States Air Force which was awarded to those personnel who completed training in space warning, satellite command and control, missile operations, space surveillance, or space lift. Air Force authorized the awarding of the Air Force Space Badge to Army personnel who meet specific guidelines for training and time in a space billet. The Space Operations Badge is now restricted to Air Force Specialty Codes 13S and 1C6 but can be earned by non-operations personnel after meeting certain criteria.It initially replaced the Missile Badge when the space and missile operations fields were merged. The first Air Force badge awarded to other military services was the Air Force Space and Missile Badge which was awarded to U. Army officers who graduate from the functional area (FA) 40A (Army Space Operations Officer) course. On 19 October 2006, SGT Daniel Holscher, a satellite control operations noncommissioned officer with U. Army Central Space Support Element, was the first enlisted soldier to earn the Air Force Space Badge. For Airman to now earn the Space Operations Badge, members must have completed three years of operations-focused duties and receive Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) vice commander approval. The Air Force uses this program for recruitment and retention as well as readiness. Mission Statement The Voluntary Education Program is to provide and fund educational opportunities and services that enhance professional and personal development during an Airman’s career.

Chief of Education & Training Services: Randy Coleman Education Section Staff: Rm. Front Counter Services The Education Front Counter supports a wide variety of customer service functions.

The Air Force Space and Missile Badge was presented in three grades being that of basic, senior, and command. To receive the Senior Space Operations Badge, members must complete seven years of operations-focused duties and get AFSPC vice commander approval.

The basic badge was awarded for completion of initial space training while the senior and master badges were awarded based on years of service in Air Force Space assignments; for officer the steps occur at seven and fifteen years respectively. Air Force scientists, engineers, communications, Intelligence, and acquisition professionals who have performed space/missile operations, intelligence, and acquisition duties and have successfully completed the Space 100 course. After completion of 15 years of operations-focused duties and AFSPC vice commander approval, Airmen are eligible for the Command Space Operations Badge.

The Education and Training Section also provides academic and vocational counselling, information on funding education (GI Bill and other sources) for military personnel, family members, DOD civilians, retirees, and other beneficiaries.

We administer testing services for Airmen enrolled in the non-resident Professional Military Education programs , Career Development Courses, Promotion Testing, non-linguist language testing (DLPT, DLAB), specialized testing (AFOQT, AFCT, ACT, SAT, etc), and CLEP/DSST tests offered through our on-base DANTES National Test Center.

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Mr Waring blogged: "I was looking around the Cape of Good Hope for an old UFO sighting I found three years ago, and was hoping to make an update when I came across a shadow in the water, which resembled an airliner.“I used to work on B-1 bombers back at Ellsworth SD, at an SAC during my USAF days.