Xxchat online Free adult chat room for iphone

Posted by / 29-Jan-2017 05:13

I don't know of any commands for specific channels, but only of 'last seen' in the server.

Otherwise, you could have a bot and ask it directly, depending on what commands are available on the bot.

If you want to use SSL, change the port (the /2222 part) to /2223 and tick these two boxes: The last thing to enter is the password, this may not be your nickserv password, rather the server password.

First, you need to choose your online identity, select which server you want to connect to, and pick your chatrooms (yes, there are many).If you have a specific channel (chat room) you wish to join then you must know both the network name and the channel name.In the above example the "Ubuntu Servers" network is highlighted by default.Or even better, write a patch for Fi SHLi M ;) Fi SH encrypts your messages in ECB mode (in other words, in independent blocks).If the same block appears two times it will be encrypted the same way both times.

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I want to change this to the "Free Node" network because I know my chat room is on that network.